So, what can we do for you?

Service Overview

Based on our years of experience and the variety of projects we've been involved in, we realise you need more than just a pretty picture...
Lighting systems are increasingly becoming more and more complex. From Smart Lighting Projects to IoT Systems and Reactive or Interactive installations. Modern lighting design is about much more than simply putting ideas into a presentation. It's become critical to the success of a lighting design or system that someone has a full understanding of how things work from beginning to end.
Whilst we're more than happy to provide complete end to end solutions for your project, we're also able to help out with any specific areas you might need our assistance in.

Here are a sample of the services we can provide you:

Personal Touch

We are committed to being involved in your project from initial concept design all the way through to the final programming and hand over.
We're also able to provide 'technology refresh' advice for previous or existing designs.

Unique Design

From spectacular one off events and touring shows to buildings intended to last hundereds of years and media facades that grab the attention of all in the vacinity, we are here to ensure your project gets the best possible lighting to make it memorable.

Ongoing Involvement and Review

We are committed to being involved in your project from initial concept design all the way through to the final programming and hand over.
We’re also able to provide ‘technology refresh’ advice for previous or existing designs.

Functional Systems

Our experience from concept design to final programming and everything in between means we’re very aware of making sure all the components function together as intended. This is especially true with emerging technologies like smart / connected systems, tuneable white and Human Centric Lighting systems.

Environmental Responsibility

We are conscious of the impact lighting has on the environment. Not only in terms of the power consumption [and cost!] but also the light pollution and toxic materials used in some products.

Continuous Support

We’ll be here for you in years to come.
No matter if you want an update to the scenes and settings or want to change a particular lamp, we’re just a phone call, skype or email away.
we are also well positioned to carry out ongoing inspections and prepare reports on the functionality of systems during their lifespan.

About our process

In general, most of the design and construction world follows the RIBA Plan of Work. This organises the process of briefing, designing, constructing, maintaining, operating and using building projects into a number of key stages. It's usually best to include lighting designers from concept to close out, but we're usually able to tailor our workflow to fit in with any specific requirements. We love to work with owners, architects, other designers, contractors and installers at any stage thay might need us.

Project Design
and Execution

Concept Design Getting Everyone on the Same Page

Presenting initial ideas in various forms to ensure everyone has a clear understanding of the overall intent.

Schematic DesignPutting some Meat on the Bones

Investigation into various types and styles of luminaires and possible locations begins to bring the concepts to life.

Detail Design Playing  Well With Others

Our initial concepts are developed into more substantial and functional systems in order to coordinate with other designers and contractors to ensure we provide a workable solution.

Construction DocumentsMaking Sure it all Goes to Plan

Providing complete plans, specifications and other documentation which allow for a smooth and accurate procurement and installation.

Regular Inspections Keeping an Eye on Progress

Regular inspections of the installation as well as luminaires and other nesecary equipment helps every stay confident that the original design will be realised.

Programming and HandoverThe Proof is in the Pudding

Being present for focussing and programming of the various elements to put the final touches on the project.

Our core values

We Practice Honesty

newillusions is an independent lighting design studio and consultancy. Our primary concern is always what's best for the project and client. We do not enter into any arrangements with manufacturers, suppliers or installers.
newillusions abides by the IALD Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct which is availble here.

We Create Fun

Our main reson for getting involved in any project is to help create amazing experiences. We bring magic into people's everyday lives.
Because of this, we're quite selective about the work we take on. If your project isn't the right fit for us, we'll be happy to recommend other designers who might be a better match. Hopefully we'll find an opportunity to work together in the future.

We Pursue Excellence

We're always striving to do better and more interesting work on each project. There are no "standard operating procedures" in our workflow.
As part of this, we operate a police of continual learning and collaboration with other designers and developers. We make a point of always being up to date with the latest technologies and developments.

We Foster Education

We've been fortunate enough to be able to work with and learn from some of the best in the industry. We also believe it's important for us to pay this forward by being involved in helping others learn. We're involved with industry organisations, formal training organisations and other community actvities. Let us know if you know of an opportunity to help spread the word about lighting!