We Love Light!

That pretty much sums up everything we do...

We love photons and things that emit them.  We love surfaces that light reflects off.  We love your eyes.

newillusions is dedicated to working with light in all its forms. 
From traditional light sources, to LED displays and projection or integrating / emulating natural light.

We believe in creating New Illusions.

If you need some art and technology in lighting your project, you're in the right place.

"like making music for your eyes."

- Martin Robert


Light is fundamental to how most of us experience the world around us.
Light plays a part in everything we see, from interior design to paintings and photographs.
In the same way as a painter approaches a canvass, we treat each project as a work of art.
Just as each song needs the appropriate instruments to create its unique sound, lighting designs require carefully selected fixtures, beam angles and control systems to provide the best results.


Pablo Picasso said "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life" and we couldn't agree more.
Art helps punctuate our life with moments of beauty and wonderment. Life without art is grey and monotonous.
And really, who wants that?
We believe in bringing art into our everyday lives, weather that's spectacular media facades and concerts or perfectly balanced lights in a café or bar there are always opportunities to make things look more beautiful.


It's only 10 years since the first iPhones were released, and now we can hardly exist without them...
Lighting is in a similar situation now with much of the control and programming that's been used for years in entertainment fields beginning to creep into more traditional installations.
Lighting design doesn't necessarily have to change significantly to accommodate these new technologies, however additional control and interactivity can have huge benefits on lighting systems.
From Smart lighting through to Human Centric Lighting the benefits range from reduced usage and running costs to supporting physical conditions and improving sleep patterns.
The science is fast and deeply involved and that's our forte!


We exist in the spaces where light, art and technology overlap and fuse into new and exciting creations.
Where the three concepts come together is our home address.
Our reason for doing what we do is to push boundaries and re-imagine existing concepts.
Lighting design is evolving into a new creature that no longer survives with basic circuits and switching.
Be they reactive, interactive or simply dimmed to the point of perfection, our designs and systems have a life of their own.

Specialist Lighting Systems

In our quest to undertand everything possible about light and lighting, we have picked up a few extra skills and fields of expertise along the way. We're happy to be able to offer an extended range of services based on our wide scope of interest in lighting systems. We are continually expanding our fields of study, so this list is bound to grow over time. Be sure to check back every now and then to see where our latest offerings are!

We are also more than happy to provide these services as specialist consultants to other design firms at any time.

We have come a long way since the simple incandescent light bulb. From the simple provision of light, light fittings are now able to provide many and varied types of information to wider systems. Some fittings are able to integrate with various sensors and serve as a data platform for other building operation systems. From movement, temperature or even CO2 sensors [to tell how many people are in a space], lights are not just lights any more.
The biggest barrier most projects face in incorporating these new elements is the revolutionary approach that the control systems require. We live in a world beyond simple switchs and circuit boards, and are constantly on the lookout for new ways of integrating lighting systems into smart buildings. We thrive on finding new ways to connect devices and systems that were completely separate before and getting them to work together.
LEED, BREEAM and Estidama ratings can be greatly improved by implimenting these kinds of technologies and a basic level of implimentation is usually a minimum requirement.
Going further, lighting is being used to transmit data for internet or internal navigation purposes. Airports, shopping malls, universities and other large scale locations are beginnig to introduce these location technologies to assist their guests find their way around and locate destination targets. Hospitals are using lighting systems to transmit data around sensitive equipment and some high security facilities are also moving to these more secure transmission methods.
Lighting is about so much more than just light now, and it's only on the increase!


Our thoughts on the Past, Present and Future of Lighting

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